WK 2 — Activity — Virtual: Worlds

  1. Black Desert Online (MMORPG)

2) Compared to actually being at Cal State Uni “Zoom University” has made thing both difficult and Easy for me. It is easy because i’m at the comfort of my own home at my own personal desktop. But what’s hard is the fact that i’m a Recreational Major, most rec professions are hands on so being in an online setting messes with my experience in the field.

3) Black Desert Online (the world i visited, BDO for short) compared to Instagram is completely different. Instagram is a way to share a memory or show a story, While BDO is a MMORPG. The one thing they have in common is to make memories.

4) The one thing my world would have in common with the real world is they have “Market Place” which would be a store in real life. That and it can get crowded in town areas just like any popular area in the real world. BDO is a fantasy world so that is already a big difference. They have monsters in this game and many playable characters. What this world can do that real life can’t is drag me into a different fantasy life.

5) The experience reminded me of how there are infinite “Idea of place”. It’s different for everyone so it is 100% possible to find a place experience during the Pandemic being it virtual or Real.

6) I would not categorize Instagram as an MMORPG but i will say it can be considered an online word for many. People could go on Instagram and make a new persona/be a new person. they could post what they want and express themselves. Some people even “grind” to get follows or try and show off what they have which is why i could see how it looks like a “MMORPG”

7) RL to a degree is a MMORPG you go through like acquiring skills and knowledge (like Leveling up) then you use those skills to succeed. Have a family or don’t, chose your career choice, live how you wanna live within the restraints of the law of course.